Amplifier Repair Hamilton Hil, Perth, WA

Amplifier Repairs: Specialist in Marshall, Fender and all Valve ( Tube ) Guitar and Bass Amps.

Solid State Guitar Bass & Keyboard Amps, PA System repairs, DJ, Stereo & Surround Sound Amps, Hi Fi Mono & Stereo Block Valve Amps. Amp Mods

Microphone Upgrades and Mods

Instuments: Guitar Repairs, Bass Repairs and Effects Pedal


Radiogram And Turntable Repairs and Restoration


Music: Turntable Repairs, Turntable Belts & Styli sales, CD Player Repairs & DJ Equipment repairs.

Speaker Repairs: All kinds.

Boutique Amp Builder: original design Valve Amps and Pedals and replica Vintage Classic Fender, Marshall and Vox Amps.

Nessfield Bluezer Pedal

Find out why everyone is amazed by this unique drive pedal, with its note clarity and tone, from clean boost to cranked tube amp sound. Hand built point to point wiring, true bypass and high reliability with 2Yr warranty.

Drop in and check out this pedal and what it can do for your guitar tone and versitility.

While you're in the shop you can also check out the Nessfield Bluesman Classic Boutique Amp, also built right here in our shop in Hamilton Hill Perth WA.

See Nessfield Products page for more details on Bluezer and Nessfield Boutique Amp.

    Bluezer Pedal                                         Nessfield Boutique Hand Built Amp

                    Bluesman Classic Amplifier

PN Electronics are the experts when it comes to Valve amplifier repairs, maintenance, servicing and modding. We also repair solid state amps. Specialist repairs on Marshall and Fender Amps as well as all other brands.

If you need emergency repairs to your Amp, Guitar or Pedals, Peter ( Electronics Engineer and owner of PN Electronics ) with 38 yrs experience is the guy to bring your gear to, with a huge stock of parts in the shop there is usually no problem getting your gear back within a day or two.

As a musician himself Peter understands the requirements of the working musician.

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As one of Perth's favourite electronic repair shops we can assist with most musical equipment repairs and stock a massive range of Guitar and Amp accessories in store.

Give us a call as we can offer services and products to anyone who has a sound system. We are the professionals with everything for musicians, schools (i.e. PA systems), community centres, and churches.

PN Electronics in Perth WA will make your amp sound just how you like it! With over 38 years experience in the Perth market we provide all musicians with optimum servicing and maintenance in a timely and cost-effective fashion. Our store has all the leading brands of guitar accessories, strings, amplifiers, speakers and valves.

From strings for your prized guitar, to an amplifier valve for an older model amp, through to the latest speaker system, or for professional advice from an expert with 37 years in the know, PN Electronics & Music Services are the people to call.

PN Electronics cater for the budding musician to the professional player. Speak to Peter today or call in to our store in Perth to check out what's on offer.

Contact us for more information.


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