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Vox AC30 Build 23rd Nov 2011

  • Vox AC30 Build
  • Vox AC30 Build
  • Vox AC30 Build

This Amp was built for Alistair who is a talented guitarist with excellent taste in amplifier tone.

He brought in his English made late 70's Vox AC30 which had fried the circuit board, so he requested that I gut it for him and build a 1961 Vox style point to point wiring amp into his original Vox chassis and cabinet.

I built this amp to the 1961 6 input version Vox AC30 but with a few additions to its spec. This amp also has tube driven Reverb along with a varyable speed and depth tremolo and vibrato, it also has a higher than normal gain top boost channel. A extra choke in the power supply removes any hum, which makes it a great Amp for recording.

It uses one Celestion Blue Alnico 15W speaker and one Fane Blue Alnico 100W speaker for slighly different voicings, the Celestion for its wonderfull mids and highs and the fane for its unflapable bottom end.

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