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  • Nessfield Bluezer


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    Nessfield Bluezer

             Unique tone and clarity, Sounds and responds exactly like a cranked Tube Amp.

             Has note clarity unmatched by other drive pedals

             Can also be used as a clean boost pedal.

    The amount of Drive is fully adjustable from clean through boost to cranked tube Amp sound and is sensitive to your playing, it responds like a tube amp with glorious breakup when turned up, you can bring in the overtones at will when you dig in, your guitar's tone will be faithfully retained at all settings with any amount of gain and output level you want.


    Hand built quality, True bypass, 2 Year Warranty

    Battery and DC9V power adaptor operation.

    Now used in many recording studio's in WA and is endorsed by Lez Karski ( Hippo's Bondi Cigars and The Nervous Investors )  Used by Eskimo Joe, Dom Mariani, Dave Brewer, Guy Ghouse, Albany Blues Club and numerous working and recording musicians throughout Australia and the USA and of course by Peter himself who has the original number 1 Bluezer.

  • Bluesman Classic Amplifier


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    Bluesman Classic Amplifier

    This hand built point to point wired Amp has a very versitile palate of sounds.

    Features: Four Channels - Clean, Crunch, Drive and High Overdrive, Dual Rectifiers, Half Power Switch 50W / 25W and Reverb.

    The clean channel is clear and warm and has a gain control as well as a volume so you can dial up totally clean sounds or slight breakup at any volume, EQ has Treble, Middle and Bass.

    The Clean Channel also has a crunch switch which adds more gain, level and tone, all of which you can control individually via controls on the rear panel to give you switchable lead solo settings or crunch rhythm sounds.

    The Drive channel is also very versitile with its own Gain, Volume, Treble, Middle and Bass controls.

    It has a huge range of drive gain level and has a gain boost switch for soloing.

    This Amp is lovingly hand built by Peter with Point to point wiring, highest quality parts available, Switchcraft jacks and sockets throughout, CTS pots, Carling Switches, tube driven USA Accutronics Reverb Tank and Celestion Vintage 30 Speakers.

  • Nessfield Bluesman Classic Pictures

    Nessfield Bluesman Classic Pictures

  • Nessfield Bluesman Classic Pictures

    Nessfield Bluesman Classic Pictures

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