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PN Electronics & Music Services in Perth WA have so much on offer. In store we have a massive range of accessories, strings, amplifiers, speakers and valves.

Profile - Owned and operated by technician and musician

PN Electronics & Music Services in Perth WA is owned and operated by Peter Nessfield, a technician and musician. Peter has 37 years experience and is a specialist in valve amplifier repairs, from modern current models to Vintage classics from the 1940's - 1960's.

Peter Nessfield

Being a musician himself, Peter understands the importance of having your equipment repaired and maintained professionally and speedily. When you call in store you'll speak to Peter directly who'll be able to give you his diagnosis of your amplifier problem and suggest a solution.

As a leader of amplifier and musical equipment repairs in Perth, Western Australia, PN Electronics & Music Services are the first point of call for many of Perth's prominent music stores, schools, University's and institutions. The SAE (School of Audio Engineering), FTI (Film and Television Institute).

Sales - Kustom Amplifiers

PN Electronics are Sales and Service Agents for the legendary American Amplifier maker Kustom.This great amp manufacturer has been around since the 1960's and their amps have been used by many top bands around the world including John Fogerty of Creedence Clearwater Revival, we have even restored a couple of the original amps which were the same as John still uses.

Visit and for more product information.

The new Kustom Amps are very well built and have many features including onboard digital effects and best of all they sound fantastic and are very affordable. We have many different Models in stock and are building our range of these guitar Amps all the time. Drop into our Shop and try out a Kustom, and you will be as impressed with them as we are.

Our professional client list is extensive and include; Dom Mariani (Majestic Kelp, DM3, Stems), Kav Temperley (Eskimo Joe), John Butler, Mick Vdelli (Vdelli), Lucky Oceans (Zydecats), Lindsay Wells (Sneekers), Dave Brewer (Mighty Reepers) Dave Billing (Diamond Dave & the Do Daddies), Jebadiah, and many more.

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Peter has been repairing guitar amplifiers since 1975. The amps used back then were usually Fender Tremolux, Super Reverb or maybe an Aussie V.A.S.E or Moody, thirty years later these amps are still around and Peter is still fixing and restoring them. Peter has kept abreast of the changing technology and can also repair amplifiers and effects pedals that use digital circuitry.

Restoration work is becoming more frequent over the past few years, clients who have trusted their precious Vintage Amplifiers to PN Electronics have never been disappointed. Amps that have been restored include: 50's Vox, early Ampeg, Fender, Epiphone, Kalamazoo, Musicman, Tiesco and Marshall and Australian made amps like Bassking, Goldentone, Moody and Eminar.

When you bring in your Amplifier it will be repaired with care using the best parts and valves available, a thorough inspection of the circuit board and wiring, all repairs include cleaning of controls, inputs and switches, speaker and valve testing, all screws and mounting nuts will be tightened as necessary. After the repair is completed your amp will be alignment equipment tested and then sound tested with a guitar.

We offer 110V to 240V Voltage conversion service for Vintage Amps brought in from the USA

We service and repair all brands of Amplifiers both Tube and Solid State and have vast experience in with the following brands:

Acoustic, Accuphase, Aguilar, Ampeg, Ashdown, Ashton, Badcat, Blackstar, Behringer, Bogner, Budda, Carlsbro, Carvin, Cornford, Cowboy, Crate, Crown, Danelectro, Dr Z, Dumble, Eden, Electro Harmonix, Harman Kardon, Epiphone, EV, Engl, Fender, Gallien Krueger, Goldentone, Gorilla, Gibson, Hartke, Headstrong, HH, Hiwatt, Hughes & Kettner, Jands, JBL, Jennings, JMI, Johnson, Kasha Amplification, Kendrick, Kenwood, Korg, Krank, KRK, Kustom, Laney, Line6, Linn, Luxman, Marantz, Magic Amplification, Mackie, Marshall, Matchless, Maton, Mesa Boogie, Moody, Musicman, NAD, Nessfield, Orange, Peavey, Perreaux, Phonic, Pioneer, Proton, Quad, Quest, Randall, Rivera, Ross, Rotel, Roland, Samick, Sansui, Selmer, Sherwood, Soldano, Sony, Soundcity, Sovtek, Sunn, SWR, Teac, Tapco, Technics, Trace Elliot, Trainwreck, Traynor, Tube Technology, Turbosound, US Audio, Univox, Ulbrick, Vadis, Valco, Vase, Vox, Welter, Warwick, Wharfedale, Watkins, Yamaha, Yorkville,

Amp Mods and Customization

Fender Amps

Fender Hot Rod Deville and Deluxe

This is a list of some of the mods we can perform on the Hot Rod series of Amps

  • Convert to EL34 output valves ( this mod allows use of EL34 or 6L6 5881 valves )
  • Mod tone circuits and change gain characteristics for desired tone and drive
  • Mod reverb circuits for better reverb level control.
  • Fit master volume, to achieve controlled overall volume while driving preamp section.
  • Half power switch
  • Modify circuit boards and upgrade components for far better reliability (gig with confidence in your Amp)
  • Fit upgraded Speakers such as Celestion, Weber or Vintage Style Alnico Speakers.

CBS Silver Face Fender to Blackface conversion

With a recap, service and retrofit to original blackface specs these CBS Silver Face Fenders are one of the best sounding and reliable amps around.

Upgraded Fender 65 Reissue Twin Reverb

This is a dream 65 reissue Fender Twin Reverb, it has Fane Alnico AXA 12" 8 ohm 100W Speakers, Tung Sol Vintage Style Large Bottle 6L6G Tubes, NOS RCA 12AX7 & 12AT7 tubes.

The tone is big, warm very clean, great tonal range.

All the parts that are fitted to this Amp are available at PN Electronics Store

Fane Axiom AXA 12 100W Alnico Speaker

These Speakers are made in the original Fane Factory in England which has celebrated its 50th Anniversary.

Fane Speakers can be found in Vintage Vox Amps, HiWatt and other British Amps of the 50's and 60's

The AXA Speaker is one of the highest Wattage Alnico Speakers available, so using these speakers to get that vintage tone means you can use them with some of the more powerfull Amps like the Fender Twin or 100W Marshalls.

6L6G Tung-Sol
Large bottle type for the look and sound of 6L6 tubes used during the golden age of Guitar Amps in the 1940’s and early 1950’s.  Uprated to 6L6GC specs for improved performance and reliability.

Fane AXA12 guitar speaker               

Deluxe Reverb Master Volume fitted in Ch2 No'2 position making it a completely reversable mod

Mods For Fender Blues Junior and Peavey Classic 30 Amps


Fender Blues Junior III Guitar Amplifier Combo Amp 1x12inch Black Jr - 2230503000 (POS-138282)

The Peavey classic 30 and the Fender Blues Junior Amps have no standby switch to heat the tubes first prior to applying the full voltage to the tubes, this can cause premature aging of the tubes, especially the output tubes which can suffer cathode stripping.

If you own a Valve Amp that has no standby switch it is a good idea to have the on / off switch changed to

an Off / Standby / On Switch which will save the usable life of your tubes, the mod cost is $101.00, which will pay for itself by prolonging the life of your tubes.

Another mod for the Peavey classic 30 is to fit a Vintage 30 Celestion speaker which will provide a beautiful warm clean channel sound and a great breakup tone on the dirve channel



Marshall Amps


The JCM2000 is a versitile Amp and is very popular. We get many of these Amps in for repairs, usually with burnt out output tubes or intermittent problems, if you own one of these Amps and gig regularly we can improve the reliability and tone by upgrading components and reworking the circuit boards, fitting high quality tubes and biasing the output stage as per the tube specifications.

Once this work is done the Amp will be reliable long term and the tubes will hold their tone and last much longer

We can also modify both the 100 Watt and 50 Watt version for half power switching in a way that will retain the true tone of the Amp.



We do so many Marshall Amps for pro musicians and overseas bands on tour in Perth, that we carry most parts in stock for Marshall, including Knobs, switches, footswitch parts, handles etc, we even have Transfomers, Speakers, Main filter capacitors Grille cloth and tolex so there is a good chance we can get your Marshall repaired very quickly regardless of what it needs.

We do not sell electronic parts for Marshall, they are stocked only for our use for repairs.

Although, Knobs, Handles, Tolex and Grille Cloth are available for sale.



The Marshall Model 1962 Bluesbreaker reissue can be modded to the original issue specs to give the amp its original tone as heard on some of Eric Claptons early Blues recordings. By replacing the circuit components to original values and the output valves from 5881 to KT66 will get it very close to that 60's sound, and by going all the way and fitting Celestion Alnico Blue speakers and a replica of the original output transformer, the transformation is complete.


Engl Amps

Another popular and great sounding Amp, but sometimes have a problem burning out the output tubes due to bias circuit problems which cause overconduction of the tubes - there are mods for the bias circuit we've developed to overcome this problem and run the output tubes correctly extending tube life and tone.


Traynor Amps


These Amps have good tone and a nice drive channel. They are generally very reliable, they have fixed bias, so we usually mod them for adjustable variable bias which gives longer output tube life and even better tone.

Sometimes the standby circuit fails in these Amps and the standby control switch has no operation, these amps have electronic standby circuitry and we have the specialized original parts in stock to fix them quickly.

If this problem occurs in your Traynor Amp bring it into us for a quick fix.


We repair and refurbish Valve Monoblock and Stereo Amps, Solid State Hi Fi and Turntables such as:

Audio Innovations, Audio Research, Sony, Yamaha and most other brands.

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Guitars And Basses

Guitar Repairs and Mods & Bass Guitar Repairs and Mods

1) Pickup replacement and custom wiring such as adding phase and coil split switching for Humbucker pickups.

2) Upgrading of tone caps, pots, input jacks and rewiring with vintage cloth covered wire.

3) Reduction of interference buzz and noise pickup on guitars by upgrading earthing, sheilding and wiring.

4) Modding volume controls with added circuitry to maintain high frequency response of pickups at all volume levels.

5) Set ups and restringing - action and intonation on standard bridge and Floyd Rose equiped guitars.

6) Adding push button Kill switch.

7) General cleanup, polish of body, neck and frets, treatment of oil to fretboards.

8) Upgrading of hardware, Bridges, Sadles and Machine heads.

9) Repairs and upgrades for acoustic guitar pickup systems.

10) We are Authorised Dealers for Lace Sensor Pickups which are high quality noisless pickups.

We carry, switches, pots input jacks and jack plates, control knobs, whammy bars, Grover Machine heads, string pins for acoustic guitars, tuners, strings and guitar cables, polish kits Capo's.


Stratocaster  Repairs Mods and Upgrades

Making a very versatile guitar even better by making it noiseless and far wider ranging in tone and volume.

We have acheived this by replacing the Pickups with Lace Sensor Hot Silver pickups and incorperated a Fender Eric Clapton Mid Boost preamp circuit.

After doing this mod to a quite a few strats and getting great reports back from their owners, it has become a suggested mod for those who want a very versatile and professional instrument.

We also have Vintage Style Grover Machine Heads and the best quality Pickup Switches, Output Jacks, Pots, Vintage Cloth Covered Wiring and Caps all made in the USA for Stratocaster Guitars.


Telecaster Repairs Mods and Upgrades

Fender52Telecaster.jpg image by Weaslemeat

A Timeless guitar design that we can enhance with some upgrades for added versatility and functionality.

We can end the problem of loose output jack sockets by replacing the original push in jack mounting with the new type of jack mounting ferrule which has a pair of recessed mounting screws which screw into the socket cavity and hold the jack firmly in place once and for all.

And how about adding an extra dimention to your Tele's sounds, we can do that by replacing the three way pickup switch with a four way switch which will allow you to switch your pickups to series wiring for a high output with fat tone as well as keeping your original other three pickup selections.

( This mod can be also be fitted to any guitar which uses two pickups )

Lace Sensor Pickups for Telecasters can be fitted for that original Tele pickup sound but without the hum and buzz associated with single coil pickups.

We also have Vintage Style Grover Machine Heads and the best quality Pickup Switches, Output Jacks, Pots, Vntage Cloth Covered Wiring and Caps all made in the USA for Telecaster Guitars.

Bass Guitar Repairs Mods and Upgrades

Even this 62 Fender Jazz came into us for a few mods, looks totally original but it has a few hidden upgrades.

It came into us a few years ago for an added feature of series and parrallel switching of the pickups which enabled it to produce a high output and fat sound when in the series pickup mode.

The switching is done via a push/ pull volume knob which can bring in the mod and switch it back to original wiring as well.

It has recently had a preamp added which was carefully fitted under the pickguard in a small routing.

We do many upgrades of pickups, electronics and hardware for Basses of all brands.

We treat all guitars and basses with the greatest of care whether its a priceless Vintage instrument or a road scared warrior, because we love them as much as you do.


Some Guitar Mods Performed Recently


62 Jazz Bass Active Preamp installation with Bass & Treble controls and Blend control

Hot Silver Lace Sensors with Eric Clapton Mid Boost Mod installation

Fitting Eric Johonson Strat with Eric Clapton Mid Boost Preamp

Fender Mustang Routed body to fit centre DiMarzio Super Distortion Pickup and coil split control slide switch and replace Fender pickups with Seymour Duncan Antiquity Pickups


Completed Mustang Pickups and switch Mod

1940's Slide Guitar for a output jack conversion to standard 1/4" socket

Strat in for some noise cancelling upgrade mods

Sometimes all that is required to eliminate noise is to fit copper sheilding and sheilded cable to the electronics

Some Interesting Guitars that have been brought in for restoration like this 8 string Hagstrom Bass

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Our stock of speakers includes: Ampeg - Bass Speakers Celestion - Vintage, G12-100 and many more Peavey - Scorpion, Blue Marvell, Fender - Various Types Hartke - Bass Speakers Motorola - Peizo horns of various sizes. The range of speakers is always increasing, if you need a speaker not listed here, please call us as we will probably have it in stock, if not we can get it in for you.

We now stock the legendary English Fane Speakers - both Alnico and ceramic magnet types

Speaker Repairs

We repair Speakers of all kinds including Guitar, Bass, PA and Hi Fi Speakers,Tweeters and Horns, we cater for voicecoil, surround and cones and do repairs to all brands including:

  • Celestion
  • Fender
  • Marshall
  • Motorola
  • Peavey
  • Hartke
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Valves / Tubes - Go To Our Online Shop For Pricing

Electro Harmonix

  • 12AX7EH Preamp Valve - Very low noise and microphonics, high gain – they sound clear and glassy.
  • 12AU7EH Preamp Valve - Lower gain than 12AX7 used in less common amps.
  • 12AT7EH Phase Splitter / Driver for Fender and many other Amps.
  • EL84EH Same as 6BQ5 this one is great for Vox and Orange amps which use this type of Output Valve.
  • EL34EH Output Valve for Marshall and many others – Classic Tone and Reliable.
  • 5U4GB Rectifier Valve.
  • 6CA4EH Rectifier for Vintage Vox Amps and some others.
  • 6CA7EH Exceedingly good version of an EL34, More Output Power and Wonderful Tone.
  • 6L6GCEH Output Valve for Fender, maintains that distinctive Fender Tone and Power.
  • 6V6GT Fender Deluxes sound fantastic with these Valves.
  • KT88EH O/P Valve for High Powered Amps
  • 6550EH We have used these on Ampeg Amps many times and our Customers always Love the sound.


  • 12AX7LPS Large plate preamp valve
  • 12AX7WA Same specifications as 7025 valve used in older Fender Amps
  • 12AX7WB The Sovtek 12AX7WB has more gain and saturation than the WA. Its warmer, darker sound is preferred by Rivera, VHT, Demeter, and Kendrick, among other manufacturers.
  • 12AX7WC is an even higher gain version of Sovtek 12AX7WA/WB.
  • EL84 We recommend these for Peavey and Marshall.
  • 5AR4 Rectifier Valve
  • 6L6/5881 Great all round Output valve for many Amps – Very Robust
  • KT66 Retro fit your Marshall Bluesbreaker with these for proper Vintage Tone.


  • 12AX7 Distinctive Tone.
  • EL34 Always high output, tight clear Tone and very robust
  • 6L6GC Players who love pure clear tone usually stick with these valves.

Tung Sol

  • 12AX7 The ultimate preamp tube for Fender Amps especially Vintage Fenders - Beautiful warm clear tones which enhance the classic Fender Tone.
  • EF806 ( EF86 ) Premium Gold Pin version of the EF86
  • 6L6 Tung Sol Big Bottle   Vintage style look and tone to match.
  • 6L6STR Premium 6L6 with short vintage style base and bottle - ideal for Marshall and Mesa Boogie Power Amps and also great for any guitar Amp
  • 6550 Copy of the original type 3 Tung-Sol 6550 made in the 1960’s.  Triple getter, carbonized screen, and gold plated grid.  The current production benchmark of the classic 6550.  

JJ / Tesla

  • EL34JJ Blue Glass valve.
  • EL84JJ This Tube is used by leading Amp makers such as Mesa Boogie.
  • 12AX7JJ Very low noise, high output and great tone
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New Old Stock ( NOS )

These are valves for players who are looking for original vintage tone for their Amp or who own a vintage amp which uses valves which went out of production many years ago.

We carry a small stock of these valves  - Call Peter for which NOS Tubes are in stock.

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PN Electronics & Music Services specialize in the repair of all brands of Tube and Solid State Amplifiers, effects racks and pedals, guitars and basses, speakers, mixing desks and turntables

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